Project Development Competences

Magnora Offshore Wind combines Magnora and TechnipFMC’s capabilities and extensive experience of the full range of project development, from early stage until completion and operation.

Our experience includes bottom-fixed and floating offshore wind projects, onshore wind projects, and offshore oil & gas projects in harsh environments. In addition, our team has long experience from offshore wind projects in UK waters, both in Contracts for Difference Round 2 & 3.

Our project development experience includes project management, ESG including Health & Safety, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, technical disciplines, project controls, scheduling, procurement, and operation and maintenance.

An example of Magnora Offshore Wind’s project development competence is Kystvind, a project owned 30% by Magnora. The project is a bottom-fixed offshore wind project located eigth to fifteen kilometers of the coast in Southern Sweden. The project has a potential gross energy production of 2 TWh, based on 25-33 wind turbines to be installed with potential for powering 250,000 households. The concession phase has started for grid connection and the wind farm with significant ongoing studies for submission of the applications in 2022/2023.

Through Magnora, Magnora Offshore Wind has a broad portfolio of renewable energy projects and through that, extensive experience with power markets.

Local ​supply chain

Our suppliers are key to success for Magnora Offshore Wind. Suppliers are and will be integrated in the application processes, development, construction, installation and operations of offshore wind farms.

We believe that strong relationships with our suppliers fosters innovation and development, contributing to reducing the cost of energy, and improving the sustainability of the entire supply chain. With our global perspective and experience, our supply chain will have many opportunities as we focus our commitments locally where the projects are performed.​

This will be done within the framework of our Sourcing and Procurement policy:​

  • Developing a supply chain able to sustain the business in the long term, and delivering consistent global performance in all aspects of sustainability, safety, quality, ethics, delivery and cost included​

  • Operating Sourcing and Procurement activities in compliance with our core values

  • Conducting Sourcing and Procurement activities with confidentiality and information protection in relation to any stakeholders

With our proven track record of innovation and technology breakthroughs we are already exploring novel concepts with an aim to reduce the environmental impact and the cost of energy.

Companies in our supply chain are encouraged to promote new ideas and innovations and in collaboration with our highly competent, skilled and experienced technical teams we will explore implementation as part of developing projects. This collaboration will not only benefit the projects developed but also be a potential springboard for suppliers to expand and build unique capabilities within the offshore floating wind sector.

Magnora Local supply chain

Vessels and installation capabilities

Magnora Offshore Wind intends to use, through its partner, TechnipFMC’s internal vessel or long-term chartered vessels for the relevant vessel operations. They are maintained to a high standard with a rigorous maintenance schedule including class renewal dry-dockings, and upgrades.​

One example is Deep Arctic, a state-of-the-art Dynamic Positioning class 3 Dive Support Vessel or Heavy Construction Vessel, capable of working throughout the year in virtually all sea and weather conditions. She is designed, constructed and certified for worldwide operations including providing saturation diving support to offshore construction and Inspection, Maintenance and Repair operations.

The vessel has become hybrid powered vessel in 2021 and will get DNV classification Battery Power.

Deep Arctic would be an excellent choice for installation of anchor systems and other heavy equipment localized on the seabed.​

For more information, take a closer look at the TechnipFMC homepage


Magnora Offshore Winds technology partner, TechnipFMC is a world leading EPCI contractor with more than 40 years’ experience from the offshore energy market. TechnipFMC has been a first mover of a completely new and unique business model, supported by a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. This new model, iEPCI, is a business model that is significantly improving project economics with an integrated approach to project delivery.​


integrated approach

Magnora Offshore Wind will early engage the different stakeholders as OEM suppliers, fabricators, installation contractors and operators. Through this early engagement we will turn the design into a full wind farm development through integrated project executions, and tuned in for minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership, throughout the life of field.