Successful Digital Aerial Survey Campaign

We are pleased to confirm the successful completion of our Digital Aerial Survey campaign for the Talisk Offshore Wind Farm project.

Surveys are required over a consecutive 24-month period to ensure data is gathered during breeding and non-breeding seasons.

The survey campaign collects valuable data on the ornithological and marine mammal species and populations that are present within the array area, which is where the wind turbine generators and offshore infrastructure will be located. The data is used to describe the existing baseline conditions and assess the potential impacts that the placement of the offshore infrastructure might have on these species. This process of assessment follows detailed guidance and includes detailed modelling techniques and consultation with statutory authorities.

The first survey started in March 2022, with the final survey concluded in March 2024.



Talisk Offshore Wind Project

Magnora Offshore Wind is developing the ScotWind N3 area, called Talisk Offshore Wind Project. The area is situated in the north-western part of Scotland, 35 kilometres offshore from Western Isles

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